The Global Warming


Global warming is a slow rise of the Earth's temperature.Temperatures today are higher than 150 years ago. Some people think that the warming is because everybody burn fossil fuels like coal and oil. 500 milion cars pollute the environment every day. Someone also think that humans are cutting down too many trees. This affects also the production of oxygen.Lots of scientists believe that the sun actually became colder and this is not to stop. They also say that the temperature will rise about 3.7 °C in 100 years.

If the earth's temperature becomes hotter, the sea level will also go up, because the ice melt down. In some areas the Deserts will be drier than now. Colder areas will become hotter. If the earth became warmer, there will be more powerful storms.

I think we should take more care of our environment to have a good and fair world. If we protect the earth a bit, it will survive much longer.

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